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Announcing Jabylon

Recently I was looking into Computer aided translation tools to find a way to improve our current (pretty much non-existent) process of localizing software.

Much to my surprise I had to find out that there is not much choice available. Most free tools (like Pootle) are focused around PO files, while java property files are  2nd class citizens if supported at all. After trying some tools without much success, I decided to create my own tool instead. So after several weeks of late-night work I can proudly announce an early prototype of

Jabylon Translation Server

Jabylon is meant to be an extensible web-based translation tool primarily for java property files. Under the hood it is based on eclipse, CDO and Vaadin for the front-end.


The main idea is to tightly integrate the tool into the developers workflow to be as little intrusive as possible. Developers use their favorite IDE to create and edit the template property files and the translators take care of the rest (with a little help from Jabylon). The achieve this, Jabylon has pluggable team providers to interact with the source code repository.

Jabylon will check out the source code and analyze it to extract all translatable property files and. Once the information is processed, translators see which translations are missing and can edit everything in the web UI.

Jabylon will then commit all translations back to the source code repository to make them available to the developers and build server. Periodically the tool will also check for modifications of existing property files or newly created ones and automatically fetch them from the repository to make them available to the translators.

Here is a brief overview over the main features so far:

  • Git Checkout
  • CVS Checkout
  • Filterable property file editor
  • full text search
  • translation progress indicators
  • Terminology project to keep a consistent language
  • automatically synchronize identical strings
  • translation tools
    • Similar Strings
    • Terminology hints
  • automatic translation checks
    • missing translations
    • translations for keys that have been removed in the template language
    • check for message format pattern consistence ({0},{1},..)

It is admittedly a very  early stage and many features are missing still, but there is a demo instance running if you want to give it a try. Administrative features are disabled in the demo, so you can not check out new projects but I prepared it with Jenkins, JBoss and Archiva from github to have some test data. This is not live data, so feel free to edit all translations.

The project is going to be released eventually under EPL and is currently developed (together with two friends) on github. We would much appreciate feedback on what you like or dislike about the approach.


2 responses to “Announcing Jabylon

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  2. Robert Reiz August 30, 2012 at 08:42

    That’s cool. I could have used it in the past. Usually the developers are not translation the i18n property files. In big projects usually an external Agency or external professional Translator is translation the files. And this guys don’t now how to deal with Eclipse or some other IDEs. If you can provide them a web based tool for that task, and in the backend it is integrated with the source control system, then that is pretty awesome!

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